Where the slogan is “Shake & Bake”

HBSDealer goes on location to Georgia Pacific's lumber mill in Talladega, Ala.

BY Ken Clark

在线精品国产在线视频Talladega, Ala. — Georgia Pacific’s investment in the new-and-improved Talladega lumber mill here crosses the nine figure mark — $100 million.

And that’s not the only impressive statistic here. Consider the annual dimensional lumber production of 300 million board feet; the 300,000 sq. ft. of working area, and the vehicle activity that counts 150 trucks in-and-out per day in peak season.

在线精品国产在线视频Numbers like that only begin to explain the facility, where “Shake & Bake” is the rallying cry and the slogan. (Watch the video above.)

“Lumber seems so simple, but there is a lot of complexity in the process,” said Fritz Mason, VP of Lumber for Georgia Pacific.

在线精品国产在线视频There’s a lot of technology behind today’s 2x4s.

在线精品国产在线视频It’s also an increasingly a high-tech business. And according to Georgia Pacific’s Jeff Key, senior marketing manager, there is a concerted effort underway in Talladega and around the country to make innovation a focus for GP. He added that the plant showcases the ownership’s commitment to investing profits back into the business. Georgia Pacific is part of the Koch Industries family, which across its holdings promotes a commitment to reinvesting 90% of profits into the business from which they came.

在线精品国产在线视频Franklin Castillo is manager of the Talladega facility. “A lot of young leaders are coming into the business,” he says “It’s an exciting time to be in Talladega.”



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Oct-25-2019 11:38 am

Nice quick overview of a modern lumber mill, Ken. Shows how technology is improving resource and manufacturing productivity. Paul Hylbert



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